WordPress Development That Sticks

WordPress manages 18% of the Internet, but the majority of WordPress isn’t easily managed. That’s not because of platform limitations or content manager inexperience. WordPress is limitless and easy to use, but its limitlessness and ease of use depends on the knowledge, experience and fortitude of damn good WordPress developers.

Few WordPress developers take theme and template and transform them into robust, dynamic and adaptive online presence for your business. Let’s explore why they do it.

A theme is a group of files that work together to create an interface that provides an organized way to present content. Each file is a template, such as the header, footer, widget or contact form, and it can appear on one or more sections of your web system. In simplest terms, a theme provides the form and a template provides the function.

More often than not, though, themes go unsupported after a while and templates break. How, then, do you ensure that you get the best theme and templates for your business?

While there are a number of ways to get a theme, there is only one way to guarantee the look and presentation that fits your business, your user experience needs and, most importantly, your customer expectations. That’s a custom theme from an experienced WordPress developer. It isn’t inexpensive at first, but it’ll save money in the long run.

These true WordPress craftsmen build web systems with fewer database calls, dynamic templating and on-the-fly content systems. Their web systems function like a platform. They pull content using template calls and inject it into the front-end. What does that mean to you? These exceptional web systems are faster, cleaner and future-proof.

When you hire a WordPress development team to create a custom theme for your business, you get a theme that won’t fail with templates that can’t easily be broken. Inexperienced developers buy a theme, populate it and launch it for a quick profit. The most experienced WordPress developers know PHP well enough to custom code a truly custom theme for your business, and they know the right templates that give your web system the functionality, speed and agility you can’t get from a cheap, quick website.

Instead of severely limiting your web system’s potential with cached-together templates, support-dependent plugins and other cookie-cutter solutions, why not demand a better Web? Businesses like J.J. Bean, Olympics Canada and Knowledge Network asked for and received highly customized web systems to better serve their audiences online.

How do you make sure you get a custom theme from an experienced developer?

Ask for client references. The best WordPress developers build systems that look and perform well for both the user and the content manager. People love a web system that doesn’t require a lot of workarounds, fixes or developer hours. The best WordPress developers create solutions that enable you to effectively and efficiently update content.

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