Top 5 Popular WordPress Plugins For Affiliate Marketers

Bloggers and web owners create most of the profits from affiliate links on a number of blogs. In these days, WordPress is one of the most amazing and powerful platforms, which is preferred by most of the bloggers and web owners. This platform offers several premium and free resources for integrating and facilitating affiliate marketing. There are so many plug-ins available for this effective web development platform. Among all, 5 wordpress plugins are more popular ones that offer great results for blogging purposes. A brief introduction to top five WordPress plug-ins which is available free of cost is mentioned below:

It is one of the simplest, easiest and fastest ways of turning the review blogs related to your services or products into a reliable source of revenue without any frustration and hassles of an affiliate back end office. You can use this plug-in on your WordPress site or blog to get great results. It turns all of different types of your links to create you huge money from above 3000 affiliate associates in an automatic manner.

It brings enterprise level superiority and characterizes to your internet shop. In fact, Affiliates serve as an outstanding and most popular platform that facilitates you in boosting your sales and revenue throughout your affiliate suite. With the proper use of this effective and integration, plug-in tool, you can create a variety of referrals for the sake of your affiliates in an automatic manner, when deals or sales are produced. It permits you in setting a referral or commission prices so that your associated affiliates can obtain accredited with a recommendation dependent on a fraction of every total amount of the sales.

Affiliates plug-in offer an affiliate system for shops, developers and sellers who wish to get begun with affiliate program right out of the container. It also offers a rigid framework for developers, who are interested to create personalized solutions according to a sound data prototype. This plug-in offers you everything that you need to start an affiliate program. You can get a pair of short codes and management tools to offer you the information to Affiliates.

The plug-in offers an interface for adding your affiliate links and associating them with the right keywords. In fact, the affiliate links will be supplemented to all the conditions specified discovered in the content. Of course, you can handle all your affiliates with an administration web page available under the settings option. You need to supplement affiliate links and identify 1 or extra keywords for every.It will include them, whenever a web page is seen. The content would not be altered in database.

It takes away the entire attempt usually linked with affiliate advertising, working under the prospects and making payments from the precious links you incorporate in your blog posts. You can convert existing product or service links in your content into equal affiliate links on the wing with the help of patent pending technology.

Shared hosting means you will be on a server which will be hosting hundreds of sites, which means you can share the resources and cost of the server. It is the most popular type of web hosting and is widely used by small business and personal to host WordPress. It is an affordable plan and you can enjoy most of the features of a powerful setup, while one has to deal with the usage limits and reliability features. In a shared hosting environment, all the WordPress uses the resources available on the server. However, for a WordPress it is officially recommended to have a dedicated hosting environment. In such a case the qualities of WordPress i.e. security, speed and reliability has to be compromised to a certain extent. But it is not that they will not function in a shared hosting environment, but it will come along with some limitations i.e.

  • Inability to update WordPress and WordPress Plugin through dashboard: When we click on the link to update WordPress using dashboard, FTP credentials will be prompted. But even after entering it number of times it won’t get updated. The only way to update them is by using FTP program.
  • Work on WordPress cannot be scheduled, as the website in this case only exists when someone accesses it. At times the task may get completed in a fuss, just because of the intervention of some other user on the website.
  • HTTPS security cannot be implemented to secure the login page, the admin area and contact form. It is because of the fact that HTTPS requires a specific IP address, however in this case an IP address is being allotted from a pool of addresses according to their availability.
  • Certain plugins may generate stale data instead of updated files, just because these plugins were used with PHP running as FTP account holder. However, you will luckily find a substitute of this plugin.
  • The PHP may show errors of less memory as huge amount of memory gets taken, and it may even exceed the available memory on shared hosting environment. But we have a resolution for this problem, i.e. for certain shared hosting environment the memory can be increased, but the memory of the WordPress plugins do not state their memory lists beforehand, it can only be inquired using trial and error methods.
  • At times shared hosting environment runs their own caching process, creating conflict between the WordPress plugins. It is strongly recommended to use Quick Cache for WordPress plugins to be used in shared hosting environment.

In spite of the above listed limitations, WordPress continues to thrive in this environment. So for the better functioning of the WordPress in this area, it is necessary to understand the limitations, which are scarce and can be noted down well and one just needs to overcome it for his proper working. Some of the WordPress which can be used on the shared hosting environment are HostGator, Site5, BlueHost, i-Page etc.

Use following WordPress plugins to manage your WordPress sites effectively on shared hosting environment. These will let you minimize hosting flaws and improve overall performance on your WordPress site.