Let the Search Engines work for you !

Improve your website ranking in Search Engines

Once your site is built visitors will come. won’t they?
The simple answer is no. they won’t!

Your website will require an ongoing effort to drive targeted traffic to it.
There are two main methods to gain traffic from Search Engines;

• Improve your free rankings by optimising your website’s html code. This will require a long term and gradual strategy. You would typically see your traffic improve after a period of a few months if your site code is optimised and you consistently get other related websites to link to your site. It is and can be a very time consuming process.

• Pay Per Click (PPC) programs. Your website would be advertised as a ‘sponsored’ link on Search Engines. PPC programs offer a fast and easy way to drive traffic to your website but can be quite costly, especially if you are not targeting the correct keywords for your website.

Optimisation of HTML code for better Search Engine Rankings
Search Engine optimisation improves a website’s free rankings within major Search Engines
such as Google, Yahoo and MSN – We optimise major pages from your site on all of them.

We are sure that once a major Search Engine gets your website others will follow!
The Search Engine Concept, we believe, is that
“Your site is like a new story in a paper and providing it has good content
it will be added automatically to other Search Engines as well”.

Our initial Search Engine optimisation service is free!

• Keyword Analysis – You provide keywords that people use to find your website.
• Optimisation of html code of all pages in your website.
• We make sure that you have correct Title, Description and Content
• We make sure that you have correct Meta tags and other basic tags.
• We submit your site through special Search Engine submitter.
• We submit your site and main web pages to Google, Yahoo and MSN.

Other Optimisation Enhancements – Extra cost to bear in mind

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