How to Completely Backup Your Non-Rooted Android Devices

Backup is one of the most important process before you would change anything in the smartphone. For Samsung users, you can easily backup contacts, photos or videos, music files via Samsung Kies software. But based on the users’ feedback, it seem like Samsung Kies still lack of full functionality in performing a complete backup. While for other Android devices, there are no specific tools for backup and restore in which 3rd party application come into play.

Install Android 4.2 Launcher For Android 4.1 Devices

As Nexus 4 Dump file was released to the public, there are much new features available in apk file to be installed. Before this, we already show you some of the new Android 4.2 features apk such as Desk Clock, Gesture Keyboard, Photosphere Camera and Gallery that can be installed in Android 4.1 devices.

Backup SMS To Gmail & Restoration On Android Device

Backup is one quick and must have step if you frequently flash new ROM on your Android device. Backup is to make sure you do not lost any data like contacts, SMS, files, calendar event, email, call history and so on. All android devices are activated by Gmail account. Thus, the best way in making backup is transferring all these essential backup materials to Gmail account. Tutorial below simply show you how could you make a complete SMS backup to Gmail and how to restore them. Continue reading →

How To Check Battery Level On Android Device

Checking battery level is important and ease you to have sufficient battery level to make critical usage on your android device. Most of the android device in the market can only last you one full day of 24 hours with 12 hours heavy use. In default setting, most of the android device activated with the battery indicator in bar on the notification bar. However, it may not come with the battery percentage level in actual. We work out an simple tutorial for you to show you how to check your battery percentage level as well as in figure. Continue reading →

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