How Much Money I Make with Apps

My name is Eric and I make apps! Now today, I want to talk once again about how much money I make with apps. Okay, one of the questions I get asked most frequently in the comments is, ‘How much money do you make each month or how much money do you make each day?” Now, I’ve answered this question before and I’ve talked a lot – I’ve tried to being very transparent about how much money I make and I usually refer them back to a video I did last August 2017 called “Can you make money with apps?”, where I just showed you my daily revenue report and how much I was making through from the apps, through passive income, through the apps from different sources. So what else?

  • Making from AdMob,
  • iTunes Connect,
  • Google Play,
  • AppLovin and Facebook Audience Network.

It changes from time to time, but those are the ones I’m – I’ve been with for quite a long time now. And I do this for a few reasons. I did this for a few reasons. First of all, you guys say such kind things to me in the comments. Sometimes that I think I don’t want you, guys, to think that I’m more successful than I am. Someone asked me, that was a family member, like a niece that I don’t see very often, asked if I was a billionaire! (laughs) Yeah, I get it. I got a chuckle out of this. I’m not a billionaire. I’m not even – I’m not a millionaire. I’m barely a 100,000aire, whatever. So, it’s still a work in progress. But you know, when I get together with other app developers, one of the things we’re always thinking about, so I wonder how much they make from their app?

How much do they make from that app? And I was in a group of – I was in a Mastermind once that somebody’s finally just said, “Look, I’m gonna ask the question everyone’s thinking, how much money are you, guys, making from these apps?” And we just went around and just talked about it, and in a closed group. And it was just – it was kind of liberating because we knew things. So, I want to show you, guys, a an updated spreadsheet, so this – the last one I did was back in August of 2017. That’s six months ago, over six months ago. It’s gone down a bit so I wanted to give you an update of where everything is now. Mainly not to show off because for some of you, guys, you might be making less than I’m making. Some of you, guys, are making more than I’m making but I wanted to be completely transparent about that. So yeah, for those of you who do watch the video every day, you know where I’m coming from and just be completely transparent. You might even offer me advice sometimes. I mean, a lot of you, guys, who are doing really well.

Time to time you give advice that really works out and I really appreciate it .So, have a look at my screen here and I’ll to see my updated daily revenue report. So, when I show you the one last August, it wasn’t as bad as it is this month. The daily revenue report is something that every morning one of my team members, Rowena, will go to all the different sources and put everything into a spreadsheet so that I can see at a glance how much we’re making. I mean, I check AdMob – to be honest with you, I check AdMob like three or four times a day. Not that I could do anything about it, but it’s just sort of, you know, I do check it, like I check email. So, because I do. Alright, but you look here, this is um – this is where we are now. Have a look at this column here on the left. We have over here, we have the date, we have the total in GBP in BritishPpounds and for those of you who don’t use British Pounds, we have the exchange right here at the top, which is 82 P is one dollar, that’s right. Yeah, I always get – I always get confused even though I’ve been living here nearly 20 years. I’m still always doing the conversions for it because every time I talk to family members and I’ll mention something, they’ll say how much is that in real money. So anyway, that’s to give you an idea of that. If you look at this column here on the left that is the total and then we have broken up my AdMob, Google Wallet minus the 30% that they take out, iTunes and US dollars but then we have it converted to pounds. and then we have AppLovin and AppLovin GBP and then Facebook Audience Network and that’s in US dollars. But we’ve kind of – I’ve kind of given up on on Facebook Audience Network just because it was not delivering well for me. And now, I talked to other people who make a lot from Facebook audience network so every so often, I’ll go back and turn those back on just to see what it’s like, but yeah, the reason I turned off was because it’s – for some of the lower level Android phones, I’m talking like 2.3, the SDK for Facebook audience network was not working. So, I have two versions of the app out, one for lower version Android devices, one for higher version Android devices. Even though hardly anybody goes to those lower versions anymore. But every so often, I’ll remove the Facebook on its network I think it asked for an additional permission that I didn’t like using. So anyway, so that’s it – so that’s this month and this is – the months not over. I mean, this is a few days since it’s been updated. Alright, now, if I go – let’s go through and look at January so we get an idea of a full month. Here you see in January, AdMob has been very low. For the longest time, for like nearly two years, it was at 120 pounds each day and the thing is the impressions are still consistent. We saw the same level of downloads, we saw the same impressions, but our rpms are much lower. I’ll go in a few minutes, I’ll show you why that is. Why I think it is. So we go we here – we got to AdMob, we got Google Wallet, it’s still neck and bury, you know, up and down, but usually it’s pretty consistent. And then we’ve got iTunes Connect so in-app purchases and app purchases. And then we’ve got so, yeah, in US dollars and then we got AppLovin again. AppLovin is one that I just – every so often I’ll switch it off. I mean, I had really good success with AppLovin for quite a while like 10 or 20, oh it’s like 10 or 20 pounds a day and then it just sort of dried up and I don’t know, maybe I need to update an SDK or something like that.

One of these days I’ll get around to doing that but it is what it is. So, I said you see here, for the month I made. This is through passive income sources. Like I said this is not – this is not a client work. So, client work is additional on top of that. I made 3,841 over that month for apps that have already been on the market. You know, if I was and I did a calculations if I did a 40-hour work week as a developer or whatever, that would have been 24 pounds an hour which is as a developer, it’s not that great. But for a lot of other jobs, it is, of course. I didn’t do anything here I spent the – I spent a month working on client work, you know, talking to working with the team talking to you, guys, every day, all that kind of stuff. So, those the passive income sources going through. Now, this is actually really low. II you look the reason why it’s red here it’s because we have a, we have a little bit of logic here that says if it’s below 150 pounds in a day it’s red and between 150 and 180 then it’s white which was at one point that was what was expected. And if it’s above 180 or above 200 then it’s it was green. So, those were like the really good days. Let me just show you really quick to give you an idea a year ago. So, January from 2017, here we go. January 2017, starting here you can see here we got a lot of green a lot of yellow, and all white and no red. So we we never had a day that was below 150 pounds. That was – that’s kind of when i look at the revenue and i think is so low lately. It’s not low, but it’s low for me and like i said, some of you, guys, are gonna look at this and you’re gonna pity me thinking, “Eric, how do you live? Do you need some money?” “Yeah, we’re doing okay. I’m doing all right. We’re growing the team, all this kind of stuff.” But the passive income sources that the apps are going down a little bit, you know, every so often you’ll put an update out there. And I haven’t released anything brand new in quite a while. So, it’s still out there, still still earning. Now, I talked about how the big reason – the big reason for the going lower, I mean, if you look at in-app purchases and stuff like that, it’s actually stayed about the same. The big thing going lower is AdMob. So, and I look at this all the time. I think why is AdMob so low now and the reason is not the impressions. It’s not the number of downloads, it’s all consistent. it’s because the rpms are lower. And one of the things – another question I always asked is how can I increase my rpm and I can’t tell you. There’s so many different, I mean, I could tell you lots of different things. It depends on the quality of the ads that you have being shown. The location that the app is in, you know, all kinds of different things, but let me show you one of the big changes that have happened to my biggest app over the last year. So, here we go. Let’s look at my dashboard – for the longest time my biggest market was the US. In fact i started thinking nobody else was using apps because the US was like 70% of all my users. And then it was Brazil because we’ve translated into Portuguese and then the third one would always it was never the UK – by the way, which explains why nobody, I’ve never met anybody who was actually heard of my app. Then, I haven’t told them about it. So, it’s always been that and then you know, lately it’s India’s really taken off in India. And so, you see, here’s the choice of the users are in India and India just has lower rpms.

There’s just – there’s not a lot of ad inventory over there or something, but it’s just, it’s just gone down a little bit. I’m not, I mean, it’s not great, but I’m not too upset about it because deep down, I’m an app developer. And the fact that people are using my app, I’m really thrilled about and I love the fact that – that’s actually happening. So, but we could bounce back. To just show you some of the things on the ASO side, I go over to AppAnnie, which is my favorite ASO tool, so, you see here it says India, let me just show you the United States here, this is looking at over the last was this 90 days, was together the last 90 days and it looks like at the keyword SPY. Now, SPY is the biggest keyword that I’ve had. It’s someone that always looked if I go into Google Play. I’ll type in spy and my app came up first for like years. It was fantastic. But it was in the title, it was in the description, all over the place and then when the – when I was getting a bit nervous about policy changes, I change the name from Ear Spy to Ear Agent. I thought it would drop like the next day. I thought it would drop days later and it still stay consistent. It’s only in the last few – like since the end of January – that we really started to see it dip. This is the United States, we’re only like in the last few weeks has it started to drop a little bit there, two to three and four. It’s really showing you the number of downloads. Let’s look at the United Kingdom, United Kingdom it hasn’t been that favorable there. It’s dropped, started dropping around the beginning of January and then let’s go back and look at India which is – which is right now my biggest market I guess. And then you can see here, it’s never really been the top one over in India, but we have had it translated into Hindi and all kinds of other languages. So, that’s it. That’s where we stand today. That’s trying to be completely 100% transparent. Like I said, I used to say this all the time, but I haven’t said in a long time, I am NOT an expert, right? I’m trying things out all the time. You know, a lot of times, people will ask me of either through Skype or they’ll send me emails, or through the comments saying, ‘Can you tell me which ad networks should I use? Which should I go fo,r apps or games? What’s a good idea to do and all this kind of stuff. They’ve asked me to give them the secret and for me it’s like, it’s always experimenting. Always changing.

I consider it the same way that when my kids asked me when they’re gonna microwave something they say, “Hey Dad, how long does this take to microwave?” (laughs) “Put it in for a minute and then check it it was still cold. Put it in for another 30 seconds…” You just – you’re testing things out and you know, that’s just the way it is. That’s the way, I think that’s way it’s always going to be because the app market is always changing. But you know, with you, if you, guys, have any advice there in that area, you can. And I’m very wary about people who are experts in the field. Who tell you they know everything. I was talking to a Salesman earlier this week where he was saying, “You know, they’re big ASO service and it was a good, super expensive and all promises and stuff like that. I just didn’t quite – I just wasn’t quite on board, be nice to think that somebody out there had all the answers, but I don’t think anybody does. So anyway, I hope that’s been helpful. Like, again, please understand I’m not trying to show off here. I’m just trying to be transparent. Please let me know what you, guys, think in the comments.


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